NEMA Portable Traffic Signal Specification Press Release

Tower Sign and Signal, Inc is joining with NEMA and other traffic control manufactures to create a effective and efficient portable traffic control specification. NEMA (National Electrical Manufactures Association) is leading the way and providing a platform to get the word out and broadcast the usefulness of this specification.

A couple of days ago, NEMA came out with the Press Release and I wanted to share it with the readers. Again, Tower Sign and Signal Inc is on the Committee that helped produce both this Portable Traffic Signal Specification and the Press Release. Please see below for a look at the Portable Traffic Signal Technical Committee Press Release:

NEMA Members Begin New Portable Traffic Signal Specification

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

1300 N. 17th St., Suite 1847-T

Rosslyn, VA, 22209, USA

Press release date: November 29, 2010

ROSSLYN, Va.-The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 3-TS Transportation Section has formed a technical committee that will plan and draft a new performance standard specification for portable traffic signal systems.

NEMA TS 5 will adapt time-tested specifications in NEMA TS 2 Traffic Controller Assemblies with NTCIP Requirements and NEMA TS 4 Hardware Standards for DMS with NTCIP Requirements.

According to Portable Traffic Signal Technical Committee (PTS TC) Chair Scott Heydt of Horizon Signal Technologies, portable traffic signals are widely used across the United States and Canada for temporary traffic control situations, such as work zones and intersection control.

The most common applications are one-lane work zones in which traffic may flow only in one direction at any given time. Traditionally, flaggers are used in these scenarios; however, these devices increase safety in work zones by removing flaggers from the dangerous job of traffic control.

Portable traffic signals use the latest technologies to further increase safety and efficiency in work zones. Bright LED signal indications allow for greater visibility than traditional flaggers, especially at night. Wireless radio communication allows the signals to remain synchronized and connected at all times for full conflict monitoring. Notification systems can even monitor the operation of the signals and report the status of the system to the appropriate individuals.

Some jobs require these signals for several months or even a period of years. As the use of portable signals has increased in recent years, several manufacturers became aware that a standards specification was needed, and joined NEMA to start the effort.

“The flourishing portable traffic signal industry lacks a standard specification that would ensure the use of quality portable signal systems on roadways across North America. The new NEMA TS 5 specification for temporary, portable traffic signal devices and applications will borrow from and build on NEMA TS 2 and NEMA TS 4. Through the collaboration of portable signal manufacturers and other product providers, this project will satisfy a growing need for an effective portable traffic signal specification,” said Heydt.

“The new specification will satisfy the urgent need for a clear and effective portable traffic signal specification through input from manufactures of electronic traffic controllers and other related product providers,” said Bryan Mulligan, president of Intelligent Devices, Inc.

“NEMA is committed to contributing to a safer, more efficient and environmental friendly surface transportation network. The work of the technical committee on portable traffic signals is part of this commitment, and we look forward to safer and more effective work zone management, with increased use of portable traffic signals, as a result of this new standards effort,” Mulligan said.

NEMA 3-TS Transportation Section is one of 45 product sections within NEMA, and has 16 member companies. Those actively participating in the Portable Traffic Signal Technical Committee include Horizon Signal Technologies; North America Traffic, Inc.; Tower Sign and Signal, Inc.; and Ver-Mac, Inc.

For more information contact John R. Miller, NEMA Industry Director, 703-841-3202, or

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