SX 7500

Portable Traffic Signal – SX7500

The most versatile portable traffic signal system on the market today, the SX7500 brings effortless control and sound craftsmanship to the work zone. With countless options available for this product, we surely will be able to fit your needs when it comes to portable traffic control as well as temporary traffic signal control. Our products are a sound replacement for telephone poles with signal heads that are referred to as temporary traffic signals. ¬†Perfect for that bridge job or emergency situation. Don’t get left in the dark – order your SX7500 today!


  • Long lasting batteries with solar assist for zero maintenance in the field
  • Simple and straightforward touchscreen control
  • Incredibly quick setup and take-down time – mere seconds!
  • Complies with AASHTO 90 mph wind load requirement
  • Hi-Frequency long-range radio communication with conflict monitoring
  • Optional Auto-Start Auto-Choke Generator keeps your unit going forever- no matter the conditions or placement
  • Dual-Backup Long-Range Communication System
  • Very Price Competitive
  • Four Heavy Duty (4) stabilizing jacks on each corner
  • One-Finger Heavy Duty Hydraulic Overhead Light lift
  • Adjustable Overhead Light with the longest reach on the market!
  • Theft Protection
  • Infinite Traffic Light Timing
  • Long-Range Microwave or Video Sensor Traffic Detection
  • MUTCD Compliant
  • Weeks of non-solar battery use
  • Available in Canadian Compliant Model
  • Many affordable options available
  • 12V Battery Charger
  • Effortless year around operation
  • Pintle or Ball Hitch
  • Traction Strips for safe maneuvering
  • 20 feet of Reflective Safety Tape to ensure visibility at night
  • Weatherproof conduit protects wires for safety and longer life on job

SX7500 Portable Traffic Signal System Brochure

We’ve rented portable traffic signals from Tower Sign and Signal numerous times, and will continue to do so. The long-term relationship we have established with TSS has been based on their exemplary products and magnificent service. Their professionalism is unmatched!

Jeremy, APAC, Project Engineer

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