Introducing Light Tower model LT-100! This Light Tower, a new division of TSS, is coming soon. Contact us for more information about this cutting edge product designed to enhance construction site safety!

When in the folded position, LT-100 is road legal for towing and easy to lift and haul. This model boasts:

  1. Electric tower deployment (12v)
  2. 12 Ea. LED lights (14,000 lumens)
  3. Photocell control for autonomous operation
  4. Rugged polyurethane powder coat
  5. Radar detection for security applications
  6. Remote control light (OFF/ON)
  7. On-board 110v battery charger
  8. Silent operation (up to 8 hours)
  9. 100% Tubular boxed frame
  10. Removeable tongue


  1. Lead Acid or long life/fast charging Lithium batteries
  2. Inverter generator
  3. Auto start function
  4. Generator enclosure
  5. Photocell controller
  6. Radar detection
  7. Key fob remote control
  8. Tool storage box
  9. Low voltage warning