Portable traffic signals and portable traffic lights are what TSS specializes in. Dependable, long-lasting portable traffic signals that are extremely simple and quick to set up. Our versatile product line meets or exceeds both State and Federal specifications and have been used all over the world on roads, bridges, and in emergency situations. We have many  options and components to meet your unique requests.

Tower Sign and Signal’s products will work perfectly in place of one-time-use temporary traffic signal setups. Hardwired poles are expensive and the cost adds up over time. Using our portable traffic signals and portable traffic lights will save you both time and money over the course of just 2-3 jobs. In the cost-competitive world we live in, our products will lower your overhead costs substantially. Contact us today to start saving money! Read on for more about our products and available options.











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SX 7500

sx7500 portable traffic signal in use The SX7500 is our most popular unit for a reason. The most versatile portable traffic signal system on the market today, the SX7500 brings effortless control and sound craftsmanship to the work zone. With countless options available for this product, we surely will be able to fit your needs when it comes to portable traffic control. Perfect for that bridge job or emergency situation. Don’t get left in the dark – order your SX7500 today!

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Lineman portable traffic signal
Our portable traffic signal Lineman model gives you everything you need in utility traffic control. Whether it be new line construction, tree trimming or power outages, the Lineman will fit your needs. The ergonomic design of the Lineman brings safety, simplicity, organization and reliability to the job site. See the Options page for even more popular features. Contact us for information regarding purchase or rental opportunities.

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Ever need portable traffic control without much room to work with? We’ve got the answer. The ST-100 has everything you need in a small portable traffic signal – long battery life, small footprint and dependable craftsmanship. With a number of available options, this little dude can do anything you want – with the exception of cooking you breakfast. Contact us for more information regarding a purchase, rent or lease.

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With a variety of flexible options, Tower Sign and Signal can meet your needs for portable traffic signals. Don’t see what you need? Call us at 888-882-1919 – our engineers can create what you need!

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