Are your products easy to setup?

Yes. All of our products can be taken down, and setup in seconds. Our simple touchscreen control panel makes setup a piece of cake. A push of the button is all you need to raise the hydraulic-powered overhead light. Contact us today to see for yourself!

Are your products available for rent or purchase?

Both. Every product we manufacture is available for rent, lease and/or purchase. Contact Us find out more about using the finest portable traffic signals available today.

Selco, Inc has been doing portable traffic signals for approximately 20 years and TSS’s portable traffic systems have been the easiest controlled signals that I have ever used. I believe TSS’s portable traffic signals would be a great addition to any company for portable signal work.

Mike Clemen, Selco Inc.

How do your portable traffic systems and portable traffic signals communicate?

Our portable traffic signals communicate by way of either hi frequency modem or wire-line. Our portable traffic signals also can be set to timer mode. Contact us to get your portable traffic system today!

What if I have an idea about a modification to your product?

Our job is to serve the customer. If you have or need a modification to our products, we will be more then happy to accommodate that. Contact us with your special request!

Are your products available in different colors?

Yes. Our products are available in any custom color you desire for your needs, or to match your fleet – however Highway Safety Orange is standard. Contact us about your color!

Can I schedule a demonstration?

Yes. We do many demonstrations around the country each year. Contact us to schedule one today!

Do you do business in other countries?

Absolutely. We feel we have a responsibility to help increase traffic and work zone safety – this responsibility does not have borders. Contact us about your international request!

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