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Traffic Control and Traffic Signal Collector “Signalfan” Enjoys Unique Pursuit

July 27, 2010  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Traffic Control and Traffic Signal Collector “Signalfan” Enjoys Unique Pursuit

Tower Sign and Signal, Inc caught up with John AKA – SignalFan. John is a collector of traffic signals and traffic control equipment. John resides in Iowa and has been collecting traffic equipment for almost 30 years. His website is This Q and A session is one of many more to come. Interested in being interviewed or have questions about TSS –Contact Us.

TSS John, the obvious question to someone who has such an extensive collection of traffic signals and traffic signs is….What one is your favorite? Why?

JohnI actually have two favorites, my first is my Wiley signal from San Francisco. I love how the messages rotate with the “clunk” of the mechanical bell. My second is my Crouse-Hinds “Type D” 4-way signal with worded “command-style” lenses. I really enjoy thinking back to that earlier time when written messages, as well as color were used to convey the aspect of the signal.

TSS – What does your family think about your hobby/collection?

JohnBoth my parents and my wife are very supportive of my hobby. My parents witnessed the evolution of my hobby from a single signal to about 5 dozen in the garage and backyard. My wife has seen it grow to it’s present size of 101. She even has been so supportive, that I have been able to take over the entire 1,700 square foot basement to showcase the entire collection, “museum-style”.

TSS – Do you have any experiences with portable traffic signals? Do you happen to have any in your collection?

JohnNo, as a matter of fact I don’t at the present time. Are you interested in donating one? (laughing)

TSS – What do you think about the way traffic signal technology has evolved over since the beginning? Read More

Welcome to our new website!

July 26, 2010  |  Blog  |  Comments Off on Welcome to our new website!

Whew! Boy is it nice to be “live”!   Here you have it, Tower Sign and Signal’s latest website.  We believe this site will show and confirm what you’ve been hearing – Tower Sign and Signal manufactures the FINEST portable traffic signals on the market today! The Benefits and Applications page is the perfect place to see how our products fit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us to inquire about how our products can be tailored to your needs, we do it daily! We understand that for your project to be successful, or your business to be profitable – road work safety has to be implemented, all day – every day. Our products do just that. Check out our About Us page to see how TSS got to where we are today – the Top!

Tower Sign and Signal: your #1 source for portable traffic signals