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Portable traffic signals and portable traffic lights is all we do here at Tower Sign and Signal Inc. We’ve built a sterling reputation on delivering dependable portable traffic signals and temporary traffic signal products with excellent service at a competitive price.

Since the turn of the century TSS has outfitted contractors, DOTs, municipalities and traffic safety distributors with versatile portable traffic signals and portable traffic signal components that increase work zone safety for both the contractor and motoring public as well as replace temporary traffic signals and temporary traffic lights. We are a go-to source for renting, buying, and leasing portable traffic signals, and we specialize in:

  • safe portable traffic signals
  • efficient portable traffic signals
  • reliable portable traffic signals

Experience superior service with flawless craftsmanship. Contact TSS to see how we can accommodate your portable traffic needs.

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Customize your portable traffic signal system with our flexible options! portable traffic signals frequently asked questions

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